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Small Animal

Here are some great small pet ideas for kids.  Once you’ve made you’re choice and brought him home, come see us for all your small pet needs.  We carry a variety of quality food, bedding, and other products for your favorite small animal. 

  • Any age: Consider a guinea pig, betta fish or hermit crab. They are all easy to care for.  Hermit crabs are very active in the evening and enjoy a humid terrarium, and de-chlorinated fresh water.  Bettas just need a bowl of clean, warm water.  Guinea pigs need a lot of exercise, but avoid running wheels that injure backs and legs. And of course don’t forget the food.
  • Age 8 and older: hamsters, rabbits, and box turtles.  Hamsters are nocturnal and don’t mind living alone.  They eat commercial pellet, fresh fruit and veggies.  Rabbits need lots of exercise and can even be trained on a leash and collar.  Box turtles need a terrarium with water, sand, and rocks to soak, burrow and perch.
  • Age 10 and older: geckos and chinchillas.  Geckos are shy, nocturnal creatures and enjoy heated terrariums.  Chinchillas are soft, fragile animals that have no body odor and live up to 20 years.
  • Age 12 and older: parrots.  There are over 350 colorful and playful species of parrots.  They can imitate voices and sounds. Don’t be surprised if your parrot begins to bark like your dog, or rings like your phone. They need plenty of living space, attention, and exercise.