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“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, big or small, young or old.
He doesn’t care if you’re not smart, not popular, not a good joke-teller,
not the best athlete, nor the best-looking person.

To your dog, you are the greatest, the smartest,
the nicest human being who was ever born.
You are his friend and protector.”
(Louis Sabin)


Dry, Canned, and Raw Dog Food

We believe in providing the best, most nutritious and most delicious food for your dog. All dogs, like people, have different tastes and nutritional needs. So whether your dog is a dry, canned or raw dog food kind of dog, Fido’s Pantry has you (and your dog) covered. check out our selection. You and your dog wont be disappointed.

Dry Dog Food

Canned Dog Food

Raw/Freeze Dry Raw

Acana Canidae  Nature’s Variety Instinct
American Naturals Premium Canidae Pure Primal
Blue Buffalo Chicken Soup Primal Prontos
Blue Wilderness Evangers Raw Bistro
Canidae Fruitables  Stella & Chewy’s
Diamond Holistic Select
Eagle Pack Lotus
Earthborn Merrick
Evanger’s Natural Balance
Fromm Four Star Nature’s Variety
Fromm Gold Nutri Source
Holistic Select Precise
Lotus Precise Holistic
Natural Balance Solid Gold
Natural Planet Organics Taste of the Wild
Natures Variety Prairie  Weruva
Nutri Source Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen
Orijen Wellness
Precise Wellness 95%
Precise Holistic  Zignature
Pure Vita
Pure Vita Grain Free
 Solid Gold
 Taste of the Wild
 Wellness Core

Dog Treats

What are they? Most dog treats contain an excess of unidentifiable ingredient that you have to ask yourself, “If that stuff was in human food would I eat it?”. Well would you? Then dont feed it to your dog. We here at fido’s Pantry make it a point to provide the best quality treats for your dog made from real ingredients that your dog will love. You might even find the smell of them enticing yourself, but thought your dog would probably share with you, they were made for the pooch, not you…


Dog Chews

From rawhide to tendon’s to smoked bones we have a wide variety of healthy and delicious chews that will please even the most fickle of dogs. Dog Chews are a great distraction for your dog and can help cam them and keep them out of trouble when they are bored. A good chew can also help to keep your dogs mouth clean, promoting healthy tooth and gum health and less trips to the doggie dentist.

Super Bullys

Dog Toys

Well we can’t guarantee that your dog will be ‘Best in show’ if they have one of our premium dog toys. We can say that when you bring your dog into Fido’s Pantry that they will have a ball chasing and playing with our wide choice of dog toys.Provided you can get away with buying just one, your dog will thank you for providing them with a fun toy to chase after. Daily exercise is important for all creatures so play with your dog whenever you can – a good game of chase or fetch can get your heart pumping too – which means you will be there for your pooch for years to come, which is all they really want.


Dog Supplies

Dog supplies sounded better than dog accessories but it means the same thing. Anything you might need for your dogs daily care and maintenance can be found at Fido’s Pantry. From leashes, leads and collars to training aids, cages & kennels and bowls – shampoos, brushes, beds – the list goes on and on – we carry a wide variety of high quality Dog Supplies for you and your dog. If we dont stock something that you need just let us know and we can special order it for you at the best price we can find.